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Our plastering company has more than 21 years of experience in the industry working in both domestic and commercial environments.

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Jaspers Plastering offer a full range of services for all aspects of domestic and commercial liquid screeding Croydon and Surrey. Our team of liquid screed contractors are highly recommended and have worked on all types and sizes of projects.

We have countless years of experience in handling all types of liquid screeding works and focus on delivering the best quality finishes. Liquid screed is manufactured to give a very level and smooth surface prior to the application of finished floor products. It is becoming a very popular choice of screed due to it’s flexibility and ability to work great with underfloor heating (due to it’s conductivity).

Our liquid screed specialists can help from start to finish by advising you on the best materials and system to choose. If you are looking for screeding Croydon, then get in touch with Jaspers Plastering for a free quote and consultation today. More screeding projects we have completed and rough screeding prices can be found here.

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Liquid Screed is in our opinion one of the best options to choose for domestic and commercial screeding services. If you are wondering why we think this, then please feel free to read through some of the information below that we have written to help give you everything you need.

Why Choose Liquid Flow Screed?

  • Liquid screed is a more conductive medium compared to sand cement screed.
  • It is thinner than other screeding systems without having any negative impact on performance.
  • It has the ability to be force dried which means the project can be finished quicker.
  • Liquid flow screed can be installed as a floating construction over rigid installation boards or foam.
  • Extremely sustainable and has the ability to be recycled.
  • Quick application reducing the need for lengthly project dates.
  • Low shrinkage which means less construction joints are needed than cement screeds.
  • Protein free leading to less bacteria being created.
  • Foot traffic can be present typically 48 hours after installation.
  • Requires no reinforcement and displays minimal shrinkage (will not curl).
  • No need for wheel barrows or lifting equipment, reducing damage of pipes or screed.
  • Reduced depth of screed means a more effective heating system.
  • And much, much more.

It’s key to mention that you must make sure you screed is laid by fully trained and approved contractors who have the appropriate equipment and knowledge. If the screeding contractor is not trained in using products like Liquid Screed, it could cost you much more money in repairs or completely starting again from scratch. For example, make sure they have lots of reviews like our team is rated 9.93/10 based on more than 152 reviews by our customers.

If you are looking for screeding Croydon, Surrey and across the surrounding areas, then please feel welcome to get in touch with Jaspers Plastering for a free quote.


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